About this Web Application

The web application is implemented using the python programming language, Kid XML templates, the SQLObject object-relational mapping library, and MySQL 5.0.22 database, integrated by the TurboGears web application framework.

Encryption algorithm: Blowfish (pycrypto library.)

The source code and system architecture description of this web application are available for inspection by legitimate organizations considering using, upon signing of a non-disclosure agreement. uses Google Site Stats to track the effectiveness of Google Ad clicks in leading to demo requests or account signups. Google Site Stats cookies are used only to create aggregate statistics and do not collect personally identifying information. No other tracking is employed on this site. Information provided to is used solely for the purpose of assisting in the conduct of electronic voting. is a web service developed, owned, and operated by EveryBitCounts Software Services inc., a British Columbia registered corporation based in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.

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